March 2015

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rpirrigate logo

Hi guys. I am still working on this project and I “finished” the web interface. It has multi-language support, automatic identification of Raspberry Pi model and many other nice features […]

My Google Summer of Code (GsOC)

Hi, As an university student, this year I’d love to partecipate to the GsOC program. Why? because I love coding and I finally found something great to do during my […]

As I am a Raspberry Pi lover, I partecipated to create and am currently developing and mantaining the italian Raspberry Pi community! You can find it at (only in […] [ONLY ITA]

First, I want to say that I think this is the best website (or better, web application) I ever realized. This web application is a virtual stock exchange market. You […]

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! It is a pleasure for me to welcome you in my blog. In this blog you will find some projects I am working on, some useful tools, as well […]