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My name is Roberto and I am a computer science student at the moment.

I got my first personal computer when I was about 10, (it was a pentium 2) and I really liked using it, even thought I used only stupid applications such as MS Paint  and other games.

Obviously my parents did not give me access to the Internet, but I used to connect during the morning to check the emails (obviously nobody wrote me ūüėÄ ).

After few years I got an other PC, a pentium 3. I was so happy that I could install windows xp :). I also had the Internet connection for some hours during the week.

at the age of 12-13 I got stuck of windows and I started googling “alternative os to windows” and I discovered the Linux word. It was not as wide as now! Unfortunately, as my connection was an ISDN, downloading an ISO would have taken days…. but… Canonical used to send free CDs of Ubuntu, so I ordered the cd of Ubuntu 7.04. It took few weeks to arrive but when I installed it I was so happy and I started using it as my OS, even though I had many many problems to make my Internet connection work with it.

I started coding during the high school: I was taught the Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. When I started, I loved it, but now the only thing that I appreciate of it is the easiness to build GUIs.

When learning Visual Basic, I realised some funny applications (all useless!) and I also built a battleship game; I was very proud of that since I didn’t even know what a variable is two months earlier.

As I said, it was easy for me to understand the “power of programming”. I understood that you can build whatever you need, it’s not a question of “can it be done?”, the problem is only “can YOU do that?”.

Unfortunately, as I needed Visual Basic, I had to switch back to Windows. I could have set up a dual boot environment, but I hate it!

While studying I started to “look around” for new programming languages, and so I decided to learn C. So I bought the Deitel&Deitel book and started studying.

At the same time my father asked me if I could do a small custom invoice software, so I built it in Visual Basic (he is ok with windows :/). As he had installed it in many PCs, the problem was about updates, so I started to read about web applications and so learned  HTML and ASP, which was easy for me. So I created a web application which  could do the same without needing to be installed and updated on clients!

During the last high school year we left visual basic and they started teaching us php and sql, or at least they were trying to, with no much  success. But that was enough to make me want to know them! so I studied them very well and now I am a good web developer. I even attended a course at the university about web development for my knowledge.

While studying these languages, I also learnt Linux management better and better and I ended up setting up an home server in my attic which can serve the needed service to my house and can also serve my website outside!

Do you think this is all? Not exactly!

One day I discovered the ¬†Raspberry Pi. (“What’s that?” -> a credit card sized computer with very low power consumption and Linux on it). So I bought one ¬†and I built a heating system automatic controller (you can check it in the projects section of this website). So I learned Python as it is the easiest way to control the GPIO.

And then… Then I started studying computer science at the university (yes, all what I wrote was during the high school) where I was taught Scheme (LISP), which I feel to be pretty useless by the way, and Java.

At the moment, to support my studies at the University, I work part-time as software developer in a company based near me, where I develop in many languages, such as C# (.NET, ASP.NET), PHP, much HTML&CSS&JS, Java for Android, Swift/Obj-C for iOS.

This is a (not so short) summary about me and my computer life ūüôā

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