Migration of my Home Server!

My home server unfortunately died and I was forced to do a migration. I guess there was something like an hard drive error/failure and it kept on getting kernel panic, […]

Nokia 3310/5110 display on RPi

Hi. I wanted to have a little bit more fun using the Raspberry Pi so the idea which came in my mind was “you have a great heating system control […]

rpirrigate logo

I finished everything and I’ve just published my RPirrigate project on GitHub Here‘s the link to the GitHub project page Here‘s the link to the project code  

rpirrigate logo

Ok guys, RPirrigate code is “finished”. I mean that it works. Obviously there may be some errors, but I tested it a bit and I found none yet. At the […]

rpirrigate logo

Hi guys. I am still working on this project and I “finished” the web interface. It has multi-language support, automatic identification of Raspberry Pi model and many other nice features […]