GPIOSim: Raspberry Pi GPIO Simulator for Linux / OS X

Hi guys, today I’m introducing you GPIOSim.

If you ever developed an application on the Raspberry Pi which requires access to the GPIO you surely encountered a big problem:

You can’t develop directly on your PC!

I mean: you actually can write code on it, but you can’t test it or debug it, you need to copy it to the RPi first, then run it.

Fortunately I created a solution for this (thanks people, you can stop clapping now 😀 )


Seriously: I wrote a little simulator which lets you run the code designed to use the RPi.GPIO module on your pc, without touching any line of code!

How does it work? That’s easy! The GPIO becomes a file which stores the state and is accessed both by the module and by a python application which is actually a GUI to control it.
You can find more informations (but not much more!) on its GitHub README.

GPIOSim download

Please find it at

I hope this is gonna be usefull!

Bye 🙂


  1. Fabio

    Bello il tuo sito.
    Ho provato il simulatore GPIO su Mac Osx Mavericks ma non sono riuscito a farlo funzionare nonostante abbia seguito passo passo le istruzioni.
    Puoi darmi spiegazioni tu?


    1. bob

      Ciao, ti consiglio di postare la tua domanda su, sul quale sono attivo e ti risponderò appena possibile. Magari forniscimi più dettagli, tipo che problemi hai con GPIOsim.


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