My 2016 Google Summer of Code [ GSOC ]

Hi, let’s talk about GSOC.

As you may know (but you may not) last year I tried to join the Google Summer of Code (aka GSOC) as student, without luck.

GSOC should be a program about learning, but it looks like over skilled people with many years of professional work have more chances.

But I’m not here for this. I just hope this year it’s going better.

I’ve been reading about GSOC for quite long this year, and I discovered that there is OwnCloud in the organizations list, and I was excited for this!

You do not know what OwnCloud is? Well… go and study! OwnCloud is great, I have been using it for long since I discovered it and now all my family loves it!

Owncloud ( is a self-hosted cloud storage (and much more…). Just imagine it as your own Dropbox!

OwnCloud GSOC

We also often suggest it in the RaspberryItaly community (if you do not know, I am an admin of the italian Raspberry Pi community!).

But let’s talk about the GSOC.

Actually, I found many interesting projects in the OwnCloud page and I’m currently studying to choose which I’d love to join most, even though I think I will submit a proposal to more than one!

About the technologies used in OwnCloud development, I know them quite well and I am studying every day, making practice in different ways. You can read my previous posts for some examples of what I realized using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Well, about the Open Source there’s not much to say. I can just say I love the Open Source community software. It’s just something that goes above profit and tries to make the world a better place.

I’m very excited about this and I hope this year I will have more chances than last time.


As I said, during these days I have been reading about Owncloud projects, and next days I will write about which project(s) I will decide to apply to!

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