Migration of my Home Server!

My home server unfortunately died and I was forced to do a migration.

I guess there was something like an hard drive error/failure and it kept on getting kernel panic, ZX data is corrupt and other similar errors.

I restored it different times, but at the end, it died.

Fortunately, I had a replacement. I replaced it with a mini-itx PC.

Maybe it’s not as powerful as the other one, but thinking about it, I did not really need all those services and stuff I had on the old one and this one consumes less power than the previous!.

The stuff I really need is a backup server for my home PCs and Mac, a NAS, a OpenVPN server and (why not) a web server for my blog.

Well, the mini ITX PC is perfect. It has 2 SATA ports where I connected my mdadm RAID 1 array instead of having a RAID of USB drives!

The CPU is a Intel(R) Atom(TM)  230   @ 1.60GHz (Dual Core) and it has 2 GB RAM. Few but enough.

Here the Intel ARK page of the CPU.

The pro that the laptop computer used as a server it’s the battery: I mean, it’s an UPS. Obviously the replacement has no battery but I bought an APC UPS, so I power on router, switches and several Raspberry Pi too (these with POE).

Unfortunately this CPU does not support Intel Virtualization so I could not reinstall my KVM stack on the machine (I had several VMs for different purposes).

In fact, I thought about not getting the blog back online (and that’s why it’s been down for some time) but at the end I just replaced Apache2 with lighttpd and it’s just fine. I just containerized the web server separate from other stuff.


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