RPirrigate migrates to SQLite instead of MySQL

Hi guys, I decided to migrate RPirrigate to SQLite.

As many of you know, MySQL is not the best choice for the raspberry Pi! This is because there are a lot of faster, lightest and strongest databases that fit better with the RPi.

When deciding to leave MySQL my first reason was that, when Raspberry Pi loses power supply, ofter MySQL databases get corrupted, and this was pretty annoying as I had to recover the databases too often. SQLite, as it is basically a file, supports this better, unless you’re writing to the DB in the exact moment you lose power.

So I decided that it would be better to migrate it to SQLite and not support MySQL versions anymore.

New RPirrigate Install Guide

  • Download the .zip from GitHub page
  • Unzip the file in /srv/rpirrigate
  • Follow the instructions inside the install folder (both in english and italian).

For anybody using the MySQL version, there is a MIGRATE GUIDE inside the install folder!

Waiting for your feedbacks, as always!



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