Hi guys.

I am still working on this project and I “finished” the web interface. It has multi-language support, automatic identification of Raspberry Pi model and many other nice features 🙂

I am posting some screenshoots of the web interface, already hosted on one of my RPis!

As stated before, I decided to create the installer as a chef recipe. It allows you to install it very easily. Yeah, it’s a bit windows-style, but If you preferr, you can install the packages, create the database, populate the tables and copy the files by yourself!

To install it you just need to install chef, download the recipe and type one command and in few minutes you are done!

I decided to use lighttpd as webserver, on a custom port (883) because you may have your own web server installed and this will not disturb it!

I will start coding the daemon soon (while waiting for the idraulic valves from Hong Kong 😀 ). Once I finished coding and mounting it and I tested it, I will release the code on GitHub!

Here are some screenshoots!







  1. Giovanni

    Is possible test demon and web server on windows? Only for test (without valves) on win7???


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