This Server

Hardware connectivity
This server is a Mini-ITX PC with a Intel Atom 230 CPU (2@1.60 Ghz), 2GB or DDR2 RAM, 2x500GB Sata HDD in RAID1 (mdadm) and 1x600GB USB HDD for the O/S The connectivity is assured by my home connection (Wireless 30M/5M) which gives me a great connection. I am using DDNS service provided by NOIP.COM because of the dinamic IP given my ISP.
Actually, the web server I choosed is lighttpd because it runs fast and lightly! The O/S installed is Debian 8 Jessie. I choosed this O/S because I have been working for years with Ubuntu and Debian in desktop environments, and because it is pretty stable. I also use Debian on other Raspberry Pi “servers” in my house, and I use Arch Linux on my PC.

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